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About Us

Altoosi University College

Altoosi University College (T.U.C.) is one of the accredited educational institutions in the heart of Najaf Holy City. T.U.C. has been founded to meet the aspirations and ambitions of the students and professors of the south-central region of the country for promoting and consolidating scientific studies and human researches.

In its 30th session on November 9th, 2005, Iraqi Ministers’ Council decided to grant the establishing license of the T.U.C. according to the law of private universities and colleges no. 13 dated in 1996. Then, T.U.C. could get the accreditation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research according to the order no GH/4177 dated on November 30th, 2005.

Medical Laboratory Techniques

The department represents an effective mean to meet the society’s need for specialized staffs in supporting various health, research and educational institutions.


The department prepares high-quality scientific and academic nurses’ staffs meeting the highest national and international standards.

Quran Sciences

The department offers unique translating strategies of the Holy Quran and how to have it as one of the greatest constitutions for human life and the law by which societies can be stood up and built. 

Islamic Education

The department realizes the importance of having Islamic educators in a way that serves the right and moderate Islamic instructions and the supreme interest of the country.

Our Vision

  1. T.U.C. is striving to achieve the local and regional academic excellence of the human and scientific specialties according to quality standards.
  2. It is keeping pace with modern scientific developments and applying them in terms of an advanced civilized manner consistent with the needs of society.
  3. It is developing scientific knowledge through accredited scientific research and holding scientific seminars targeted to spread all scientific and technical concepts related.

Our Mission

T.U.C. provides a high-quality environment, conducting valuable scientific researches, offering community services and counselling in terms of the latest education and training approaches based on advanced knowledge technologies.
Besides, T.U.C. relies on modern information technology to develop the scientific level and to qualify the administrative system to be more productive and functional.

Our Objectives

  1. Contributing to develop the scientific and cultural fields of the country through getting professional outputs of the TUC faculties.
  2. Scaffolding academic teaching curriculums for having students qualified enough to keep up with the advanced scientific developments.
  3. Consolidating the academic position of the TUC faculties to keep the quality standards and to have a better ranking position among other Universities.
  4. Striving to have partnerships, scientific twinning programs, and shared initiatives with accredited regional and international academic institutions for improving the TUC reputation.
  5. Providing the best scientific requirements that students need to scaffold their scientific and business careers.
  6. Via the faculties of Nursing and Medical Laboratories Techniques, T.U.C. seeks to find intermediate medical and health staffs to support hospitals, clinics, and medical institutes.
  7. Via faculties of Islamic Education and Holy Quran Sciences, T.U.C. strives to have moderate and adequate teachers and scholars of Islamic and religious studies.