Department of Islamic Education

Department Word

Praise to ِِِAllah, Lord of the worlds, and Have the prayers and the peace be upon the Master of Messengers, his family and companions.

There is no doubt that the Department of Islamic Education has great importance among the TUC departments because it contributes to preparing recognizable educational and teaching staff who actively participate in promoting the teaching missions of Islamic education and then the community.

Besides, the department seeks to create a generation that is capable of facing the difficult challenges that our beloved Iraq are going through.

On this occasion, I call on the students of the department of Islamic Education to make all possible efforts to enhance the scientific efforts and collaborative concepts among the graduate students, who will become educators, to reflect them in the society. Also, it demonstrates to have; the actual moderate characteristics of the educators and the distinctive figures in the community who can lighten the path for other classes of the society.

Finally, we ask God to preserve Iraq and its people and to make it safe and comfortable.

Again, thanks to Allah the God Almighty

Dr. Jassim hassan AlQuraguli

Head of Islamic Education Department