Department of Quran Sciences

Department word

The department works on communicating the students with Quranic studies and coordinating with Qurnic departments in other universities on the field of Quranic translation, education and researches. The department aims to be a pioneering of the human departments by achieving high quality in the educational and ethical dimensions. It also strives to meet the requirements of society and the institutional need according to modern scientific standards.

The department also seeks to occupy a prominent liaison among other TUC departments. Moreover, it works to extend bridges of communication with the community members because the Quran regards a heavenly message.

On the other hand, the department strives for finding a correct Islamic thought, whether via providing opinion, clarification, advice, or consultation to preserve the Islamic message from any harm or deformation.

Associate Prof. Huda Taklif Majeed Al Salami

Head of Quran Sciences Department