Quran Sciences Vision, Mission and Objectives


The Department of Holy Quran Sciences is an academic reference that seeks to establish cognitive resources depending on the nectar of the Holy Quran knowledge and researchers who take care of the science, language, and interpretation of the Holy Quran.


The mission of the department of Quran Sciences aims to employ plans related to Quranic knowledge to create a comprehensive academic, intellectual, and practical educational approaches for spreading the Quranic culture of reforming and building an integrated Islamic society.


1. The Holy Quran aims to find successful solutions for problems resulting from the individual and society.

2. It aims to confront the radical ideas which invite to exclude and marginalize other ideologies and to call for peaceful coexistence.

3. It encourages researchers to pay attention to Quranic sciences and methods.

4. It provides educational institutions with teaching staff adopting an Islamic culture.

5. It prepares a generation that understands the Holy Quran’s cognitive dimensions and working on its guidance and aspirations.