Student Activities Unit


Taking care of the talented and creative students for utilizing their activities in beneficial ways.


Qualifying and supporting creative and smart students, and then developing their capacities via advanced technical methods.


Creating an ideal university environment to emerge talent students by holding various student activities.


1. Conducting various student activities in coordination with the Deanship and heads of departments.

2. Representing the TUC in activities and events held by other universities and colleges.

3. Supporting talented students and providing them with requirements that support their creative potentials.

4. Supervising the artistic halls or sports arenas through which students’ activity is made to meet their necessary and luxury needs.

5. Coordinating with other universities to keep abreast of new possible creative events for having benefit from available experiences.

6. Organizing forms that include all the details of holding various activities and keeping them properly.

7. Having the obligation to submit monthly reports that include the activities carried out.

8. Submitting proposals and future proposals that improve the performance of the activities unit.


Hassanein Fadhel