Library Unit


TUC Library seeks to assist the researchers of undergraduates and postgraduates in addition to the professors for providing the books, resources and references whether for human, scientific or practical researches required.


providing academic and educational environments for library visitors, providing the best services of research resources, and providing guidance & assistance in choosing the appropriate resources according to researchers’ research plans.


TUC Library strives to be a discreet scientific and academic library via including extensive references in various sciences to be an excellent supporter for the student and the researcher to acquire knowledge that creates new aspirations of the emerging younger generations.


1. Providing the best environments in the library and a suitable atmosphere for reading.

2. Providing books, references, and resources related to the curriculums of students.

3. Providing books, references, and resources related to professors and faculty members.

4. Providing electronic resources for the researchers of human and scientific fields.

5. Documenting what is presented to the library in the public book record, while magazines and periodicals are documented in another specific record.

6. According to an international system, indexing all library books was followed in the central library of the University of Kufa in both paper and electronic forms.


Karamah Mohammad Al-Saedi