Performance Evaluation Unit


Pioneering and excellence for developing TUC performance.


The ongoing development and improvement of the TUC performance of the quality according to local and international quality assurance standards for achieving outstanding outputs.


1. Consolidating the culture of university performance in TUC activities and practices.
2. Building and developing a teacher’s performance evaluating system.
3. Rehabilitating TUC educational programs to obtain academic accreditation.
4. Developing an effective quality management system.
5. Developing the capabilities and skills of the TUC faculties to ensure the quality of performance.
6. Developing the human resources and intellectual capacities of the TUC in quantity and quality. TUC also is targeting excellence in the fields of education, scientific research, and community service.
7. Establishing constructive, scientific, and professional relationships of the TUC with the accredit educational and social institutions in their performance to get benefit from the experiences of those institutions related to the quality and development of university performance within the university.
8. Having an integrated system for continuous self-evaluation of the university’s performance and quality assurance for its administrative and academic units.


1. Observing hours of teaching for faculty members within the academic year.
2. Watching courses giving by teaching staff and the number of hours specified for each program.
3. Evaluating the administrative responsibilities related to instructing, capabilities, and social services for students.


Dr. Iman Hasani Al Salami