Human Resources Division


Organizing the TUC records, formal letters, and keeping them in an orderly manner according to the administrative procedures followed.

Adopting modern administrative methods that facilitate the TUC business smoothly concerning internal and external addresses.

Managing different records related to TUC works.


1. Receiving and distributing incoming and outgoing mails based on instructions followed.

2. Numbering and reporting mails in the official records and having all procedures related.

4. Receipt and delivery of mail parcels.

5. Following the TUC mailbox and receiving letters thought it.

6. Keeping the personal documents and records of the TUC staff safely.

7. Observing and following vacations of employees in the light of the established regulations.

8. Submit monthly, periodical, and annual reports and proposals concerning the division tasks.

9. Adopting advanced electronic methods to classify, archive, and retrieve incoming and outgoing mail quickly and smoothly as needed.

10. Completion of the written and printing works related to the TUC issues.

11. Organizing and arranging TUC records according to the followed system.


Hashim Ali Abdulhussein