Statistics and Information Unit


Statistics and Informatics Division is an essential division in the T.U.C. because of need to databases about work requirements and keeping pace with civilizational development. Also, it is vital to collect detailed data of students, faculty members, and administrative staff for having a complete structure of the college.


The message aims to develop information & databases and expand cooperation horizons with all departments to achieve high-quality progression.


It is seeking to collect and compile complete and indexed data in a detailed and accurate manner.


1. Constituting a student-specific database includes; full name, gender, birth, specialization in secondary school, total grades, year of graduation, Grade Point Average (GPA), year of admission, and full student biography (failure, postponement, dismissing, and return after dismissing).

2. Arranging statistical bulletins in coordination with the Central Statistical System related to admitted, existed, graduated, failed, deferred, and abandoned students and success rates for existing students in terms of; university, college, department, and stage for both undergraduate and postgraduates.

3. Organizing the published and accepted academic researches.

4. Arranging educational travels of the teaching and administrative staff inside & outside Iraq plus taking care of the patents.

5. Classifying the instructors in terms of; name, nationality, gender, general and precise specialization, date of birth, date of assignment, study certificate and clear title and date of obtaining it, position, university, the country, and university, which granted the certificate.

6. Classifying the administrative, technical, and service staff based on permanent and temporary employment, sex, and academic certificate.

7. Organizing expenses’ bulletins, the numbers of laboratories and laboratory devices, the number of libraries, and books.

8. Preparing the admission plan for morning and evening studies of undergraduates.


Ameer Al-Ashbal


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Number of teachers


Number of departments


Number of graduates