Maintenance and Services Unit


provides the necessary services to run the TCU activities and meet the various essential and luxury requirements to support its scientific and administrative movement without obstruction or delay.


Meeting the necessary services and needs via maintaining its equipment and public properties, and keep cleaning the buildings of TUC to show them a decent and good appearance.


Providing TUC requirements and keeping the beauty of TUC complex appearance.


1. Supervising the administration of public services in the TUC and meeting its requirements as much as possible.

2. Follow-up on the service labors and providing consultations wherever required.

3. Providing essential requirements for maintaining TUC facilities.

4. Supervising and maintaining TUC power generators daily.

5. Carrying the responsibility of following directions and keeping disciplines and orders valid. 6. Overseeing the transportation processes by TUC vehicles and providing maintenance as required.

7. Following internal telecommunication station and wireless devices.

8. Finding appropriate environments in the TUC for having official and unofficial visits.

9. Providing luxurious and honorable requirements to hold seminars, festivals, student activities, etc.

10. Organizing bills and receipts related to maintenance for approving them by Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs.


Tawfeeq Mohammad Yasir