Graduate Affairs Follow-up Unit


The Graduate Affairs Follow-up Unit looks forward to support graduate students and assist them in obtaining employment opportunities to reduce the unemployment rate among graduate students.


The Employment and Alumni Affairs Unit aims to follow the TUC graduate students via training and qualifying them on the skills required to the labor market. Besides, the unit is also assisting in having them suitable job opportunities, communicating with them, and serving employers who are looking for appropriate employees needed


1. Qualifying graduate students and informing them of the required skills to join the labor market.

2. Assisting undergraduates for getting job opportunities fitting with their specializations.

3. Finding a database for TUC graduate students.

4. Finding a database and information related to institutions and corporations which are interested in recruiting TUC graduates.

5. Offering consultations to new students concerning the mechanism of choosing the specialization. For graduate students, informing them how to search on a job.

6. Communicating with the graduates for enhancing the relationship of graduate students with the TUC family.


1. Finding training courses in different fields for students and graduates.

2. Assisting graduate students in finding suitable jobs.

3. Helping employers and foundations which are looking for employees to reach the graduates easily.

4. Following the websites of employment and alumni affairs.

5. Establishing an electronic database of graduates to follow their statuses.

6. Creating an electronic database for employment companies.

7. Coordinating with civil society organizations to hold drills courses to train students and graduates in various fields in terms of their specialization.  

Assistant Professor 

Hanan Noor Mohammad