Scientific Affairs Division (SAD)


The SAD works to achieve the TUC goals via; taking care of scientific researches, meeting the needs of social classes, encouraging various scientific activities to keep pace with the developments of researches and scientific publishing, and developing the skills of researchers and diverse scientific activities.


The Division of Scientific Affairs seeks to be the cornerstone of the TUC intellectual outcomes for exploring and keeping up with the fields of knowledge development.


1. Consolidating the outcomes of the TUC scientific researches and its ethics.

2. Scaffolding scientific communication and fostering distinguished relationships with universities, research centers, various state institutions, scientific and cultural societies.

3. Developing the academic capacity building of faculty members through adopting programs of accredited international universities and urging professors to devote their efforts in scientific studies for transferring modern technology to us.

4. Keeping pace with the developments of scientific and cognitive fields to improve the capabilities of faculty members.


The SAD is taking care of various scientific products of the TUC, such as publishing scientific researches, patents, and all kinds of publications. It also strives to follow various scientific activities such as conferences, seminars, and workshops.


Dr. Thulfiqar Hayder Hassan