Registration and Student Affairs Division


The characteristics of division are the excellence, the entrepreneurship, and the advancement in activities and services offered to the students for achieving a better quality of services, systems, and instructions.


The division provides all valuable services via highly skilled and competitive staff for the new/current/graduate students, and it also offers all possible methods of high-quality systems, administrative structure, and advanced electronic systems to facilitate student registration.


Registration Division aims to take care of all technical and administrative issues related to the registration and the admission until the graduation of the students in terms of the instructions and decisions issued by the higher authorities. The division regards students’ liaison with the TUC, which is the link with the Ministry of Higher Education and foreign foundations.


1. Conducting admitting process of students through all possible channels; central admission, direct admission, accepting relatives of martyrs, top students, and the talented students.

2. Following up on students’ registration and supervising the completion of their academic profiles.

3. Following up on the student’s issues such as postponement, dismissing, transiting, transferring, hosting, and failure.

4. Completing the documents of graduate students after checking them relying on TUC orders of the graduation.

5. Doing the authentication of the certificates of the graduate students.

6. Following up on academic documents of students admitted to the TUC.

7. Registring the incoming and outgoing mails based on an organized and arranged manner.

8. Issuing the university’s orders of graduate students for the first and second rounds.

9. Following up on all actions related to the students, starting from the admission until graduation.


Assist. Prof. Hussein Ali Rasool