Quality Assurance and Performance Division

Since its establishment, the division of the Quality Assurance and Performance Assessment strives to obtain the best outputs through investing the capabilities and sources of the college’s educational institution for meeting the society needs and the requirements of business market based on the national and international standards.


  • Spreading the culture of the quality assurance within the T.U.C. atmosphere to ensure achieving a competitive advantage in terms of quality assurance’s guidelines and its applications
  • Developing a creative environment for the T.U.C. activities to keep pace with the increasing knowledge updates to achieve pioneering in the quality field of the academic and institutional accreditation.
  • Ensuring continuous improvement in the process of following up and evaluating the performance of the T.U.C. formations.
  • Building an integrated system for annual self-evaluation and following up on the implementation of continuous improvement plans of the college.
  • Holding conferences, seminars, meetings and workshops in the field of quality and academic accreditation and also following up the performance evaluation of the faculty members.
  • Setting clear standards to improve the TUC performance in accordance with the requirements of university service.


  • Holding workshops and seminars to spread the culture of quality among faculty members, students and other TUC employees for confirming the awareness of the importance of implementing quality systems and academic accreditation standards.
  • Preparing studies that reflect the scientific standards of the T.U.C. and developing plans of the improvements in terms of the national and international standards.
  • Completing the national classification application for the programs and institutional activities based on the specified timings.
  • Preparing periodic reports on the division’s activities for keeping the TUC leaderships informed.
  • Having the final annual report concerning the portfolio of The TUC achievements.
  • Preparing the meetings’ agendas of the TUC Quality Assurance Council and following up on the implementation of the recommendations issued by the council.