Training and Technical Support Unit


We seek to achieve Total Quality and improve performance within educational institutions to get academic accreditation by adopting a decentralized system based on the national standards of education.


1. The unit adopts the pioneering role for achieving the quality of institutional performance.

2. It works to promote the educational process, offer better students’ service, and participate in community activities to meet the vision and mission of the deanship and the strategy of the Ministry of Higher Education.

3. Qualifying TUC departments to obtain advanced accreditation.

4. Encouraging experimental and descriptive researches that serve the educational process.

5. Preparing educational circumstances that supports the high quality of education.

6. Focusing on the sustainable professional development of the TUC.

7. Confirming the use of the standard criteria through a timetable compatible with the standards of the educational authorities.

8. Providing full cooperation and communication of both Technical Support and Quality Assurance teams.


1. Having a strategic plan for training programs and ensuring to apply the quality standards and its outputs.

2. Providing technical consultation to educational institutions for implementing the systems of the performance evaluation and quality assurance.

3. Finding channels of communication with national, regional, and international bodies concerned with standardizing quality in university education.

4. Creating and following training programs that support to apply the mechanisms of internal quality assurance and professional development for TUC faculty members.


1. Keep communicating with the Registration Department and the Quality Assurance Division and the exchange of information.

2. Creating an updatable database for faculty members.

3. Holding scientific and practical workshops from time to time, as needed.

Assistant Professor

Hanan Noor Mohammad