Legal Affairs Unit


Managing the lawful affairs related to the TUC and organizing the formal procedures required by the administrative frameworks to comply with the laws and instructions followed.


Organizing and evaluating administrative activities in terms of the requirements imposed by the laws that govern the formal and substantive actions of the universities.


Having the matching of the TUC actions and behaviors with the followed laws and regulations.


1. Responsibility of managing and coordinating the legal affairs required by TUC to secure all legal requirements in terms of regulations followed.
2. Monitoring the developments of ministerial orders related to TUC activities.
3. Giving lawful advice in all cases of TUC referred.
4. Having a legal membership in the investigations formed TUC orders and providing a legal opinion concerning the disputes that could happen between (faculty, staff, students).
5. Classifying and archiving laws and regulations related to the legal field.
6. Reviewing the contracts concluded by the TUC with other parties, such as selling, buying, and leasing, to provide legal consultation if necessary.
7. Coordination with the governmental departments such as civil affairs, traffic, electricity, water, sewage, and others to achieve the TUC requests related.
8. Taking care of the various TUC interests and recovering them according to the lawful controls and directives of the TUC deanship.
9. Organizing all related procedures related to opening auctions and tenders carried out by the TUC.
10. Keeping TUC deanship updated concerning all laws, directives, instructions related.
11. Organizing clearance processes according to the TUC directives against an employee released by withdrawing the ID of TUC, returning work supplies if existed.
12. Organizing the employment contracts of professors and employees based on the laws approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
13. Implementing different tasks assigned by TUC leaderships related to the lawful issues.


Marwa Yousif Hassan