Information and Security Unit


Security Supervision of the TUC and taking responsibility to provide suitable environments on the campus.


Keeping the safety of TUC teaching and administrative staff and students.


Providing security in the TUC facilities and taking all precautions related.


1. Supervising the TUC security and monitoring and inspecting all facilities periodically.

2. Monitoring the ethical status of students in coordination with the TUC higher authorities.

3. Supervising the TUC visitors’ record.

4. The weapons or any other legally prohibited material are not allowable.

5. Coordination with the security authorities in the TUC area to summon them in critical cases.

6. Commitment to hand over TUC buildings daily according to the followed instructions.

7. Not allowing any person to enter the TUC buildings after business hours. Otherwise, the permission of administrative authorities is required to do so.

8. Closing doors, exits, lights, and electrical appliances after the end of the business hours.

9. Supervising and monitoring the surveillance cameras system continuously.

10. Keeping secrets recorded by surveillance cameras.

11. Receiving visitors to the college and accompanying them until they reach the relevant authority.

12. Commitment to wearing an appropriate formal uniform.

13. During business hours, the unit crew has to have the right ethical styles while performing the duty.


Ali Naji Al Mehana