E-Learning Unit

Altoosi E-Learning

E-learning is one of the learning methods by using electronic technologies to access educational curricula outside the traditional classroom. After electronic devices -computers and the internet- have become affordable, the E-learning becomes more applicable for wides categories of learners gradually. Rapid technological development has bridged the geographical gap with tools that make you feel as if you are in the classroom. E-learning provides the ability to share materials in all kinds of formats such as videos, slide shows, word documents, and PDFs. Conducting webinars (live online lessons) and communicating with professors via chat and message forums is also an option available to users.

Altoosi University College, in cooperation with the Google Classroom, is working on an E-learning program, where each professor can create an electronic class for his students based on the theme he/she teaches. As a result, every student at T.U.C receives an official e-mail with the domain (name/number@altoosi.edu.iq) to participate in the electronic classes, as well as he/she can use it in other programs and applications.

The Google educational platform provides a set of various services that facilitates the educational process, such as google classroom, google documents, google slides, and google spreadsheets, google drive and google forms. The student can access any of these services via the links on the menu of google.