T.U.C completes Professional Training Curriculum of E-Learning

Under the sponsorship of the Dean of T.U.C. Prof. Dr. Kasim Alasedi, the direct supervision of the Deputy Dean, Assist. Prof. Dr. Wissam Al-Mehena, and the follow-up of Assist. Prof. Dr. Essam Al-Khalidi, the member of the Ministerial Team, T.U.C. held a training workshop on Monday 17/11/2020 entitled (The Concepts of Blended Teaching), which was given by Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Al Mosawi.
The workshop regards the last one related to the professional training curriculum for e-learning prepared by the T.U.C. to develop its professors’ skills and complete the training program organized by the Research and Development Department of the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research and the American IREX Organization. To be mentioned, the program included 10 workshops divided to three sections started since 24/10/2020.

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